Having been in business for more than three decades has taught us a lot about what you, the customer, wants.
Given our working knowledge, we are always happy to take the extra steps to insure that not just the food is extraordinary.

We will make any size pizza, at any thickness, and with any toppings, (yes, ANY topping imaginable,) if you just give us a day's notice.

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5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
After recently moving from New York City and growing up on the high qualilty pizza that is made there, I have discovered Original Pizza which has the same great taste and style as the New York pizza. Since it's a family business, the employees are extremely nice and will carry on a great friendly conversation any time. Easily the best pizza outside of New York.


5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
You want real New York pizza. Save yourself a plane ticket, you don't have to fly back to New York. This place has been around for over twenty years. Great customer service and now the restraunt is back in the hands of the original owner. These guys can make the best pizza's in town. And with the best prices in town.

-CITY SEARCH, Kansas City